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Planning an event can be a fun but stressful experience. Our services are tailored to make the beverage service the easiest part of your event. From the initial consultation, we find out what you envision your event to be and we take it from there. This is your event and you should be enjoying it as much as your guest. 


*Please note we are dry hire only. It is against Florida law for us to sell alcohol. All alcohol will need to be provided by the client, caterer, or venue.* 

Easy Breezy

Licensed Bartender(s)

General & Liquor Liability Insurance

Clear Disposable Cups

Beverage Napkins

Biodegradable Straws (not paper)


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Alcohol Shopping List


Licensed Bartender(s)

General & Liquor Liability Insurance

Alcohol & Mixers Detailed Shopping List

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Licensed Bartender(s)

General & Liquor Liability Insurance

You want to provide some items while I provide the rest. Let's talk about it!

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My most memorable moments are those that were created with my loved ones all gathered in the backyard. Countless birthday parties, celebrations, family dinners, sitting around a firepit, you name it. We want to create the same memorable experience for you and your loved ones. With our attention to detail, exceptional caring service and energy we make sure the event is one to remember. All your friends and family gathered together having the best times of their lives, one that will live in their memory for many years to come.